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Get More All-On-4 Cases Effortlessly

These dentists are filling their schedules with pre-qualified and highly motivated new patients. You can, too.

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Increase All-On-4 cases with minimal effort

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Save hours per day on lead follow-up and qualification

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Focus on performing procedures and growing your practice

3 Steps, Unlimited All-On-4s

Our unique turn-key system ensures that your practice receives highly qualified implant cases like clockwork, without anyone on your staff having to chase down leads or deal with an abundance of no-shows.

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Launch Targeted Ads

Attract the right patients with our proven ads for All-On-4 and dental implant treatments.

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Pre-Qualify Leads

Our skilled treatment setters pre-qualify patients to ensure they are financially ready to move forward.

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Schedule Patient Consults

We book qualified patients into your scheduling system with the highest show-up rate in the industry.

Introducing The Implant Engine

The Implant Engine is the first and ONLY implant marketing system to combine marketing and sales seamlessly. We handle lead prospecting and phone qualification, freeing up your staff to prioritize patient care.

Eliminate the frustration of chasing down unproductive leads and welcome a powerful marketing system that delivers turn-key qualified All-On-4 cases with precision. Find out if The Implant Engine will work for you.

We Serve Growth-Minded Practices, Big And Small

  • RImplant Centers
  • RDSOs
  • RPrivate Practices

Yes, The Implant Engine Works

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Dr. Iskandar from Radiance Dentistry and Dental Implant Center is off to a blazing start, having generated more than $50,000 in their first few weeks.

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Dr. Huish from Salem Dental has collected more than $300,000 since partnering with The Implant Engine and regularly closes cases every week.

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Dr. Casebier of Carlton Dental has earned more than $75,000 from implant cases despite being in a rural area.

Booking Implant Cases Is In Our DNA

Our founder, Dan Delmain, has over 10 years of dental industry expertise. He is the owner of :Delmain, a dental marketing agency that supports 200 growing dental practices around the country. The Implant Engine is backed by :Delmain but operates independently as a team of dental implant strategists, creatives, and account managers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

Many implant marketing systems claim to “qualify” leads, but what they really mean is that they have potential patients fill out online applications, and then they pass along those leads to your practice. This approach may seem convenient, but it actually puts more work on your team, as they have to spend valuable time following up with unqualified leads.

Our system takes a different approach. Our treatment setters pre-qualify patients over the phone, ensuring that you receive only high-quality, ready-to-convert leads, and saving your practice hundreds of hours per week in the process. Don’t settle for a marketing system that adds more work to your plate – choose a solution that streamlines your workflow and delivers results!

What if we don’t have any content?

Our team can assist you in producing high-quality video content that will position your practice as the leading destination for dental implants in your area.

Do you make the ads?

Our implant marketing approach is unlike any other. Rather than using generic templates, we take the time to create customized, high-quality advertising that highlights your unique story and differentiators. Our full creative team works in-house, making the process seamless for you. You’ll share some information about your practice, and we’ll take care of the rest, delivering ads that set you apart from the competition.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise on all the major paid media channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram), television, and radio.

Discover A Better Way To Get A High Volume Of All-On-4 Cases

Want more All-On-4 cases, but struggling to stand out in the sea of generic pay-per-click ads? Frustrated with your marketing company sending you low-quality leads that your front office staff is expected to chase down all day?

Get as many All-On-4 cases as you can handle – without any extra work from your staff!