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For Experienced All-On-X Providers ONLY

Sell 10-50 Arches Per Month Like Clockwork

(Without Lowering Your Price or Sacrificing Profitability)

We Deliver Credit and Income-Verified All-On-X Appointments That Have Money, Need Your Service, and Are Ready to Buy.

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We focus on lead quality to ensure you get the maximum # of conversions

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We call, schedule, and qualify the leads for you, so you can focus on sales only

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We don’t run any generic, templated ads

Our Results Are Unmatched

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Salem Dental

Ad Spend: $85,293.34
Consults: 361
Revenue: $1,139,900

ROI: 1,236.45%

El Dorado Hills Town Center

El Dorado Hills Town Center Dental

Lifetime ad spend: $15,000
Consults: 58
Revenue: $186,988

ROI: 1,146.59%
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Radiance Dentistry

Ad Spend: $136,000
Consults: 197
Revenue: $1,634,109

ROI: 908.15%

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Roots Dental

Ad Spend: $55,000
Consults: 390
Revenue: $444,754

ROI: 708.64%
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AVIVA Implant Center

Ad Spend: $25,000
Consults: 144
Revenue: $230,000

ROI: 820.00%
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Alpha Dental Excellence

Ad Spend: $18,000
Consults: 58
Revenue: $181,884

ROI: 910.47%

All-On-4 providers, we know the frustration—hours wasted on consultations with patients who never show up or can’t get financed

At The Implant Engine, we do things differently.

We don’t just generate leads; we qualify them thoroughly.

Every patient is screened for 650+ credit score, 45k+ yearly income, and payment capability before booking a consultation.

And here’s the kicker—we even collect a scheduling deposit before booking their consultation to ensure the highest possible show-up rate.

Imagine only spending time with patients who are ready and able to commit.

Don’t waste another hour on unqualified consults.

Discover how we can fill your calendar with motivated patients.

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We Serve Growth-Minded Practices, Big And Small

  • RImplant Centers
  • RDSOs
  • RPrivate Practices
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Booking Implant Cases Is In Our DNA

Our founder, Chelsea Morrisey, has over 10 years of implant industry expertise. She is the founder of Morrisey Digital, the marketing partner for prominent implant equipment manufacturers like Henry Schein, Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, and more.

In 2022, she founded The Implant Engine with a straightforward mission: helping implant centers, DSOs, and private practices acquire more implant cases predictably and profitably.

Today, The Implant Engine boasts a 95% client retention rate and is beloved by our partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

Many implant marketing systems claim to “qualify” leads, but what they really mean is that they have potential patients fill out online applications, and then they pass along those leads to your practice. This approach may seem convenient, but it actually puts more work on your team, as they have to spend valuable time following up with unqualified leads.

Our system takes a different approach. Our treatment setters pre-qualify patients over the phone, ensuring that you receive only high-quality, ready-to-convert leads, and saving your practice hundreds of hours per week in the process. Don’t settle for a marketing system that adds more work to your plate – choose a solution that streamlines your workflow and delivers results!

What if we don’t have any content?

Our team can assist you in producing high-quality video content that will position your practice as the leading destination for dental implants in your area.

Do you make the ads?

Our implant marketing approach is unlike any other. Rather than using generic templates, we take the time to create customized, high-quality advertising that highlights your unique story and differentiators. Our full creative team works in-house, making the process seamless for you. You’ll share some information about your practice, and we’ll take care of the rest, delivering ads that set you apart from the competition.

Where do you advertise?

We advertise on all the major paid media channels (Google, Facebook, Instagram), television, and radio.

Don’t waste another hour on an unqualified consult

Discover how we can fill your calendar with motivated patients, who have money and are ready to buy.